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October, 13, 2019 | Articles,CMS,The Curve

There are a ton of tools out there that were created to enhance WordPress. Some fit the bill and others flamed out.  I’ve been using this platform since 2008 and the one thing that I loved about it over Drupal and Joomla was the simplicity. 80% of the clients do not care about how the backend works, they just want their content online and presentable.

The ability to have a fully operational web application online in under an hour of installation use to be quite impressive. The concept of editing, previewing and publishing worked well. Doing away with the old Tiny MCE editor was inevitable. We are in the tech world and geek minds are restless. We love to fix things that are not broken.

Truth of the matter is that the Gutenberg Editor annoyed me the first time I came across it. I quickly navigated to the plugin tab and found a roll back plugin for the “Classic Editor”. Why? At the present it seems gimmicky and does not provide improvement, but hinderance. You need several plugins installed to get real use out of it.

I prefer to build themes that are feature rich and require essential plugins, like Commerce, SEO and security applications. The Classic Editor never required five to 10 plugins just to create a post or a page. First of all, the screen size of the new editor is too small to get a true feel for what you are building. Second, the tools are not accessible, they are all hidden.

Honestly, I am not sure what to make of this. A week ago an associate of mine was struggling with her WordPress website and I chalked it up to her personality and passion for being very disagreeable about EVERYTHING. As of now I think she has a valid point.

On the flip-side of this situation, I have not posted anything since last year nor have I done anything remotely close to designing and developing. Furthermore, I am a bit of a control freak. I like having tools that just work. Imagine a construction worker having to re-learn how to use his new Drill or impact driver. I will give it about a week as I test this new Editor and write a review.