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April, 16, 2017 | Articles,The Curve

It’s been over a decade since I was a student at a University in West-Bubble-Fuck. I recalled my web design instructor asking the class to we start blogging with WordPress. I feel a strong need to point out this instructor’s position on front-end development before I proceed; he demanded that we use Notepad+, or an inexpensive text editor, and denounced all WYSIWYG platforms like Dreamweaver. For those that are not aware, WYSIWYG is an acronym for “what you see is what you get”. These applications can help you build web pages without having any coding knowledge. In other words, this instructor knew his shit. With that in mind, he believed WordPress was going to be a large part of the future in web development. He was right.

Over the years, I have come across countless assholes that preached hatred for the WordPress platform and wanted nothing to do with it. If you mentioned “Wordpress” on a job interview you were doomed.  Meanwhile I would read articles from across the country, which depicted large WordPress communities in places like NYC, Chicago and so on. We had nothing like that in this shitty little town.

I have to be honest at this point; the web community in this so call “growing metropolis” leaves a great deal to be desired. Several so-called tech companies were looking long in the tooth, when it came to following the latest trends. Mobile friendly platforms even in 2014, was a rarity. I state this to point out the frame of mind some of these assholes were in. It was more like walking into a time machine ran by the “Good Old Boys” network. These companies would solicit me, but were turned off by keywords such as “mobile friendly” and of course WordPress. The south is a weird place though; it’s not about your skill and knowledge level. It’s more about whose ass you kiss, how much you hate WordPress, and what color you are.

The Ugly

Discrimination works both ways in the south; Black clients will not do business with a Black man, because they automatically label him incompetent or up to no good. This stems from decades of self hatred that is taught in most schools and television. The former owner of BET tried to do business in the south, and was appalled by the practices of these fuck heads. He sold his NBA franchise and kept it moving. White clients – well it’s the south, so I don’t really have to go into details. The situation tends to get ugly.

The situation grows even more dire with these local clients; they always seem to want something for nothing, or have magically learned everything you took year to learn over night and want to tell you how to do your job. I have a tendency of checking back on several of  these assholes just to see how they are doing in the present. Most of them have abandoned their websites and the ones that are still around are shockingly using WordPress. Somehow, when I suggested it, the idea was a very bad idea.

Last Thoughts

WordPress is not the “end all, be all” of the web, but its damn good. The application has more users than most small countries. This is not an attempt to promote anything. It’s more of an observation on how one should stick with his guns and never follow haters. Still, WordPress’ popularity  is a turn off for some large organizations. However, this is mostly dependent on who manages their online presence, and what Kool-Aid they are drinking that season. The web is over run by trends; I’ve seen some geeks go from WordPress, to Drupal, then Octopress, and eventually no presence at all. That is, if you exclude Github and social network platforms. The one constant thing, seem to be what the end user wants and that they couldn’t careless how it’s served to them as long as it works efficiently…