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The 2015 Look

January, 30, 2015 | Articles,The Curve

Developing a WordPress theme is not difficult, designing one can present some challenges. I would not be shocked if there was a WP theme for every man woman and child on the planet at this point. It’s a bit of a hurdle to come up with a design that does not resemble someone else work. These days I tend to lean on the functionality side more than the aesthetics. Sometimes my efforts on the design end is down right negligence. However, the 2015 look strikes a 50/50 compromise.

On multiple occasions I have entertained the idea of moving on from WP. My last experiment to date is Expression Engine. The $300 price tag for starters is an issue. If this blog was generating an acceptable amount of  money, I might take the plunge. It’s a robust system that is even easier to use than WP (as long as you are not the type that likes to change your theme frequently). I’ve also flirted with Concrete5,  Drupal and several others. However, I always find my way back.

The primary reason for this indecisive behavior is the stigmata that other designers and developers have about WP. On the flip-side of that coin, I struggle with conformity and rarely take haters seriously. I will admit, that some of these assholes do spark the idea, but the motivation to try a different platform is my relentless curiosity for software.

It’s never too late for a change, but WP has spoiled me. The community is huge and you can build (almost) anything for a small business with it. Most importantly, the client tends to adapt to WP much easier than other platforms. Enough of this rambling on about personal crap. This is my new theme, if you like it shout me out on Twitter. If not, tell me how much you hate it…


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5 Responses to “The 2015 Look”

  1. Anna

    February 1, 2015

    The thumbnail, how did you do that? Make it look like a drawing.

    • Mr. Blox

      February 2, 2015

      I use to spend at least an hour tracing an image in Illustrator, until I found a tutorial on youtube for this that takes less than 5 minutes in photoshop. http://youtu.be/K43-_zhQZiM

  2. JBishop

    January 30, 2015

    I would visit this site more often if you didn’t write a post like once a month (lol)…

  3. Chad

    January 30, 2015

    It’s different. But whats with the color palette this go around?

  4. #webchick

    January 30, 2015

    Love the new look. Your last theme looked like – well, I take it you got the hint…