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December, 28, 2017 | The Curve,Tools

As every year comes to an end, for some reason I have a weird habit of doing away with old tools and implementing new ones. I’ve experimented with Sketch, and most recently Affinity Designer. I might have started all of this with Adobe Illustrator, and use to create some decent artwork (like eight or nine years ago). However, all I do with the application now is create layouts (for the web) and the occasional business card. I literally use Photoshop to cut and resize images. Well sometimes I do some minor touch ups and alteration. Seriously, I wake up thinking about front-end shit and go to sleep thinking about front-end shit.

One of the reasons I seriously thought about migrating is the fact that I create layouts and had no real effective way to add Social media icons to my layouts or any other features like signal strength bars, battery life and wifi signals. Either I had to draw them from scratch, or cut them from somewhere else and try to implement it in my layout (after changing the color). I came across other options like buying some jokers app. I use to be an impulse shopper. I also learned to live with a great deal of regret.

Truth is all I had to do was add Font-Awesome to my Font book. Once it’s in my Font book I have access to it on every application I use. Accessing it is just as easy.
In Photoshop, go to Type> Panels> Glyph Panels.

After opening the Glyph Panel, select the type tool, place it where you want to add your icon, click on the icon you want to use on the glyph Panel and it will appear in the area you selected. Make sure you increase your font size pass the regular 14px. Not doing so will only leave a tiny speck on your art board that is not readable.