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Open Source Proposal

December, 10, 2012 | Articles,The Curve

I’ve been flirting with Linux for quite a while now, even dedicated one of my four hard drives to it. Using this platform is a constant learning experience and no one can deny that. I guess this is why so many shy away from it. I don’t blame them, sometimes you just need to get things done without having scour the web for a hack, fix or download. Due to this constant, issue, I would like to present an open source proposal.

This open source platform is a great alternative for a guy that has always been at odds with Windows and does not want to use a Mac. The down side has to be the occupational hazards that come with converting to any Linux distro; I am a front-end developer and designer that require some specific application to perform my business efficiently. A great deal of those applications are not available on the Linux platform in a dedicated manner, like the way manufacturers target Mac and Windows.

The alternative is to adapt to your environment right? I have some core programs that I cannot do without, but I am told that they have adequate substitutes on the Linux platform;   Gimp for Photoshop, Inkscape for Illustrator and Komodo Edit for Dreamweaver CS6 sounds about right I suppose? Wrong, Outside of Komodo Edit, I have no interest or desire to use any of those applications. I tried creating with them and it wasnot difficult at all. However it just seems wrong, especially since you have student loans stemming from an education on the proprietary software. Out of the blue, while I am mulling over this dilemma, some happy go lucky shit head strolls out of west bubble fuck and tells me to simply install Wine and it will fix all of my problems. WRONG! Wine is not the answer, nor do I want to run a virtual machine. What is the point of migrating if you keep finding yourself in a place you don’t want to be caught dead at?

My issues runs much deeper than that; for starters, I have come across a ton of Linux books that can never give you the exact answer you are looking for. Running LAMP is a pain in the ass. Just getting in installed is a bitch. I love the security mindedness of Linux, but too much is simply “too much”. The annoying part is you have to jump through hoops to turn it off. Running OSX or Windows is easy. Yes, Windows is not really built to embrace the creative mind, plus it is the biggest targert for hackers, world wide. And yes, Macs are way over price (that is part of their allure, to bleed you dry) nor are they as nifty as their users want to believe they are. Unfortunately, they are the unanimous industry standard for my livelihood. I am aware of the whole .Net movement and all of that jazz, but I have no interest in that neither. Some Microsoft guys give me the creeps to be honest; I once worked with a joker that turned an 80’s video game paddle into a belt buckle. This dude named Elliot told him that was the best form of birth control he has ever seen.

I am caught at a crossroads, with no immediate solution until it came to me. Linux has so many distributions that it’s not even funny. They all bring something different to the table. The problem here seems to be the fact that they are all only competing against each other and forgetting why the open source movement began in the first place. Open source is so un-American, because it is anti-capitalism at its core. However, developers have embraced that capitalistic value in spite of the software still being free. It could be all of that untapped (suppressed) geek machismo. Or, they all have a strong desire to be the first to reach that plateau, which always seems to be right around the corner, but remains elusive. Suppose all of these distribution companies pool their resources and really raise the bar. I mean develop an application that will allow you to run all proprietary software’s without having to go through all of the rigor mortise. I know people love to tinker with shit and be the only one to successfully hack their way to running Netflix on Linux with your interpretation of minimal effort. On the flip side of that coin, there are just as many or more people that simply want shit to work. If I have to pay for it, I will gladly do so. And why not? Windows and Mac have pimp the hell out of us for years. As long as the community keeps it fair and vow not to go all Corporate Nazi on the end user, I’m good with paying for a Linux distro…