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April, 07, 2014 | HTML

I have read a multitude of posts on designing for mobile first and most of these articles make valid points. To be honest, some of it seem to lean on the “Hey! this is how you should do things now, because it’s the right and true way! Your way is no longer a la mode!” I mostly read, and take in what is useful for my benefit. I have my own framework that I use for all of my current projects and decided to experiment with the mobile first concept. I am not about to strip down all of the styling and give you a vanilla page with just text, although I don’t see anything wrong with that. The site would be blazing fast and a dream come true for SEO optimizing. A  paying client might not feel the same way, so I developed this framework called Mobile Bloc. This approach tends to focus more on the content and the visitors interests (based on the site of course).  I simply did away with the navigation bar and all the images the might be use for styling. In doing so it loads fast, still resembles a real website and lays out well on any device. At the moment this is just a demo and not a full blown theme or template. Here is the –LINK– , check it out and let me know what you think (lol)…