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October, 15, 2013 | HTML

This is one of the leanest and most user friendly frameworks that I have come across so far. I like it so much that I decided to use it on my latest project. HTML Kickstart offers a grid system as well, which is completely optional. I prefer to stick with the Lemonade grid system. Keep in mind this not a full blown featured framework that go as far as to offer pre made templates. What truly motivates me about this collection of front-end tools is how unobtrusive it can be.

Bootstrap and Foundation are great, but you can spot an average Bootstrap site at first glance.  HTML Kickstart has a very interesting and lean structure. The primary CSS page uses the “@import” tag for specific CSS contents. If you are not using a content like the menu, you simply remove it from the list while working on your project.  Integrating this frameworks content into your work is seamless to say the least. In the past, while I was experimenting with other frameworks ( after I read about how awesome they were) I ran into issues that left me wondering, why don’t I just roll my own navigation and tab menu. Having to hack something to death takes away from the concept of rapid development.

We have an abundance of frameworks available today, none of them are perfect to say the least, but HTML Kickstart is perfect for my particular needs. I have never understood the “fanboy” concept and most likely never will. I find it much more productive to implement specific parts of a system in accomplishing my goals.