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For Profit Schools

March, 27, 2012 | Articles,The Curve

For profit schools are the worse investment a new web designer can make for their future. For starters, the school credits are worthless to a legit college or university. Furthermore, it seems as if most of these schools are about three or four years behind with the latest technology. I once spoke to recruiter at one of these institutions located in the mid west; they were offering Associate degrees in web design and the program only offered four classes that actually dealt with web design.

Some of these institutions do specialize in particular fields like web technology. Where they fail at is the quality of education they offer on certain subjects and the cost. Yes, the cost can be twice as much as a conventional school.

All of these institutions like to be identified as private schools, but the truth is that they are for profit entities. Staying current with books, software and technology is not cost effective. Therefore, the student receives a subpar education with a worthless degree. Think of Mc Donald’s and the quality of beef they sell. It is not cost effective for them to sell that grade A lean beef unless they are selling burgers for $10. What makes these schools twice as bad is the fact that they over charge for something that is worthless.