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April, 03, 2015 | CSS,Styles

Imagine having a college instructor that started losing his hair in his 20s, failed as a designer, displays racist behavior and is unlucky with the ladies. You drop that fuckers class immediately and try to find an instructor that looks like he or she might be toking some sticky green in their spare time (wishful thinking, but mostly fiction). Why? This individual is probably not uptight or stewing with hate and resentment. Trust me, I know this from first hand experience. That my friend, was my introduction to the creative conundrum known as web design on the collegiate level. Based on that unfortunate experience, I tend to believe that college can impact your creativity in a very negative way.


The current trends in web design would have sent many of the so-called experts lurking at my former university campus into fits. What is deemed acceptable today, (like the image above) would have been dismissed back in 2007 as unacceptable by most of my college instructors. Many of my ass kissing fellow students would have joined in bashing campaign. Arguments of usability would fuel the attack, along with theories of how confuse the (potentially moronic) visitor would become.

Good web design is always subjective. I like to think of it as a beauty pageant, where you literally have to whoa the gatekeepers (university instructors, recruiters, WordPress haters, and fake ass developers reciting a script.) with your talent (or sexual favors = completely out of context, but still humorous). Once you’ve gotten passed those wretched slugs, this usually means smooth sailing. You can do whatever the hell you want to and no one will question it. This concept seems ass backwards, but this is how society usually functions on almost all levels. It’s more about passing the test, than enhancing your skills and talent. Being able to listen and follow instructions to the letter is a necessary evil. The objective is to earn that degree, so curb your impulses, deliver the rudimentary crap they expect of you, but save your masterpiece for the critics that are offering the career opportunities…