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Compromising For Stability

April, 04, 2015 | HTML

Congratulations HTML5 (you can wear big boy underwear now), you have finally passed the experimental stages. Compromising for stability has to be an extremely difficult thing to do, when one is not in constant fear for his or her life. Seems a bit extreme, but you get the gist. For years we have gone back and forth regarding the use of HTML5. Some individuals, refused to even entertain the possibility of using it. The same type of guy that (most likely) still uses a flip phone.

Unfortunately, the buzz regarding HTML5 has been over shadowed by a multitude of JavaScript libraries. We now have JS applications that can do everything from interacting with a database to managing a front-end developers workflow. Lets not leave out all of the CSS-pre-processors that actually improve our workflow.

Compromise is the main word in the release of the 2014 HTML5 standard. This is understandable, when you consider who sits on the advisory board. I am not into name-dropping, but reps from Apple, Google, Mozilla and Microsoft are some of the more familiar organizations involved. This particular group tends not to agree on anything. Think of the early years of HTML5 and all the different versions of videos you had to implement just to use the <video> tag.

What does this mean for front-end developers, stability I suppose. HTML5 features that were on the fence (not supported in all browsers) will be pushed to HTML5.1. The new version should be release in 2015. Seems simple enough, but how long did it take reach this juncture. In any event, no one will notice a dramatic difference in performance. It’s business as usual.