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Responsive Images

April, 2018 | HTML

Responsive Images, or the ability to switch image sizes with devices based on their screen sizes is more of a necessity than ever. Today…
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WordPress Hacks

June, 2015 | HTML,PHP

The WordPress API does some strange things from time to time that can leave you scratching your head. Sometimes you will make an update,…
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Compromising For Stability

April, 2015 | HTML

Congratulations HTML5 (you can wear big boy underwear now), you have finally passed the experimental stages. Compromising for stability has to be an extremely…
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Validation Process

February, 2015 | HTML

I miss the XHTML era and it all has to do with the validation process of today’s html5. Seems weird and strange, but quite…
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January, 2015 | PHP

Foxy cart has been around since 2005 (according to a staff member, it’s 2007). It’s an integration platform for e-commerce. By integration, I mean…
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The main element

September, 2014 | HTML

I’ve been using HTML5 tags for at least three years now and still have to deal with disputes regarding the use of the <section></section>…
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