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June, 08, 2015 | Articles,Tools

A month ago I began entertaining the idea of buying a license for MAMP Pro. It seemed like a really good idea due to the fact that I can just import all my work to a live server without having to deal with directory issues. However, I decided to hold on for some unknown reason. My knack for impulse shopping has turned me into a cautious man. After researching other options, I came across AMPPS, a testing application that does what MAMP Pro does for FREE.

AMPPS not only support Php, but it also claims to support Perl and Python. On a side note: I searched the database of CMS’s for Plone (Python based Content Management System), but came up with zilch (I wouldn’t hold that against them). Regardless, this application will save you some time and keep you from performing monotonous activities. For starters you can install most of the well-known CMSs’ through the application, as well as creating the database and directory. Most importantly, you never have to deal with that http://localhost/your-directory-crap.

I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks and I am certain this is one of the better testing environments out there and I would recommend it. In the beginning, MAMP was okay; you downloaded the latest version of whatever you were working on, create the directory, database, blah – blah – blah. After a while it became a tedious function. I needed more automation, like what Emmet does for HTML. Well AMPPS can provide that. I’m starting to sound like a fan-boy and that is not my style. Go check it out yourself. Happy Hunting…